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With our full suite of solutions, we are making it possible to obtain, store, and transmit certified digital vaccination records and COVID-19 test results in real-time from your smartphone.

Products & Services
Introducing the Vacmobile App


Vacmobile™ will be partnering with state immunization registries to offer individuals and families a quick and easy HIPAA compliant way to obtain copies of their immunization and pandemic health status records from their mobile phones. Those records will be securely stored and can be sent to the places where they are requested. Additionally, subscribers may request a Healthy QR Code be sent to their mobile phone for instant verification of their vaccination and/or their pandemic health status.


Vacmobile™ recognizes that vaccination records are part of an individual’s personal health information or PHI. In order to ensure that an individual’s PHI is transmitted and stored in a HIPAA compliant manner, Vacmobile will be providing enterprise software and integration consultants to ensure seamless integration for large scale institutions to securely receive and store digital vaccination and pandemic health status records.

Customized Solutions Available on Request


Vacmobile™ will also offer a companion QR code scanning app, which will provide on-demand real time ability for third parties to determine someone’s pandemic health status and if they are up to date on all their vaccinations. This will be done by scanning a Healthy QR Code generated by the app on the subscriber’s mobile phone.

Customized Solutions Available on Request