Vacmobile Mobile FAQs


I can’t get the mobile app from the store to work.

  • Apple IOS
    • Vacmobile is 2.0 native IOS.
  • Android OS


I did not receive a confirmation email after setting up my account.

If the verification email is not in your inbox, check the spam filter section of your email the verification email will be from the address “[email protected]


Help! I am stuck and can’t pass this part of Health Pass sign up.

  • You will regularly be prompted to upload needed information.
  • You must complete each required stage for progressing forward.


Why do I have to create a Health Pass and complete this app process?

Vacmobile checks the boxes of the rules for each organization to make sure everyone meets the guideline requirements for this organization.


Why are there so many consent prompts?

  • Consents are due to data privacy cases compliance.
  • Several prompts will need to be completely scrolled and then selected once they have been viewed.


What about the last duplicated consent prompt?

Additional consent is required to make sure not only do you understand but now you also agree to these terms.


My immunization card is not being accepted. 

  • The vaccination card must be completely visible.
  • The name listed on the immunization card must match the name used on your app profile.
    • The profile name can be verified from the menu in the top right section of the app and clicking “Edit Profile”.


Why do I need to upload a photo ID?

Vacmobile uses a photo ID to measure facial geometry allowing us to make sure you are in fact who you are claiming to be preventing false identification errors.


My ID check is refusing to allow me to progress forward.

  • Ensure the name listed on the ID matches the name entered for your profile.
    • The app profile name can be verified by selecting the menu button in the top right portion of the app and clicking “Edit Profile”.
  • Ensure all text in the ID is clearly visible and there is no glare in the picture, so that the app can read the name and information on the card.
  • When scanning an ID, the first picture will require you to take a picture of the front of your ID and the second scan will require a picture of the back of the ID.
  • Ensure that when capturing a facial match scan that your phone is parallel to your face and you are looking forward directly into the camera, and your face is aligned within the bounding box of the camera. (similar to a driver license photo)


I have lost my immunization card. What do I do?

  • If an immunization card is lost, there is an affidavit for signing. This must be complete for progressing forward.  In the History section of the app for the “Vaccines” section, clicking the “+” icon will allow you to enter your vaccine information. Then you may click a checkbox that says “I have lost my CDC card and won’t be able to upload and pictures of it.”
  • This affidavit is needed to support the organization requirements and integrity.


Why are there so many requirements? Why are these requirements different from elsewhere?

Different corporations have different rules.