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Health Innovation Summit 2022 Manages Health Security with Vacmobile

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CHARLOTTE, NC– September 21th, 2022 – RevTech Labs welcomes its 4th annual Health Innovation Summit on Sept 27 and 28 at Camp North End, 300 Camp Rd, Charlotte, NC 28206. The Health Innovation Summit is a marquee event, focused on elevating the Carolinas as the epicenter of healthcare innovation, as well as highlighting the important work of local organizations, entrepreneurs, and health systems in our region. The event brings together industry experts and innovators to discuss some of the industry’s most disruptive topics and the future of health. RevTech Labs and Health Innovation Summit Conference are committed to delivering a safe and successful experience for all attendees, presenters, and sponsors.  To manage health security protocols RevTech Labs is partnering with Vacmobile Corporation to offer an end-to-end digital solution for all attendees to demonstrate proof of vaccination or a COVID-negative test result within 48 hours of the event.

Jennifer Sparks, CEO of Vacmobile, said, “We are very honored to be partnering with RevTech Labs. We recognize that individuals and organizations are looking for simple, secure solutions for managing health security protocols from their smart devices. Especially, as the world returns to pre-pandemic attendance levels for in-person events, we are pleased to offer our platform to ensure congregant activities are as safe as possible.”

This year’s conference features four, highly anticipated keynote speakers including Dr. Bobby Mukkamala – Immediate Past Chair, Board of Trustees, AMA Association; Hamid Ghanadan – Founder of the Linus Group; Katherine Grichnik, MD, MS, FASE – Chief of Anesthesiology Services, Surgical Care Affiliates; Todd Dunn – Vice President of Innovation, Atrium Health.

There will also be a total of 14 companies represented on our Demo Floor where they will share and demonstrate their innovative technology and solutions. Throughout the first day of the event, there will be various panel discussions covering interesting current topics including The Status of Mental Health, Meeting the Patient Where They Are, Where’s the Funding, Data That

Drives Action, From Concept to Reality, and Advocating for a Better Future. Panel topics during the second day include Accelerating Innovation and Meeting the Needs of the Future.

Innovative Startups on Demo Floor:

Biofourmis (Boston, MA) – Biofourmis utilizes machine learning, integrated technology and an FDA-cleared analytics engine to streamline connections between patients and care teams, leading to better outcomes for all.

CrowdWorks (Oslo, Oslo) – CrowdWorks connects growth companies with the minds and capital they need from startup communities, mentors, corporates and investors.

ForesightCares (Charlotte, NC) – ForesightCares develops smart and innovative ML-based solutions to ensure positive societal impact, including improvement of senior healthcare access in rural and underserved populations.

Healium (Columbia, MO) – Healium is a mental fitness tool that offers you a new, active approach to meditation that is powered by your body’s electricity . Utilize real-time data to train your brain so you can self-manage your anxiety, focus more intently, and sleep better.

Hyro (New York, NY) – Hyro is connecting the world, thousands of AI-powered conversations at a time. As the #1 Adaptive Communications company, they’re turning complex data into simple dialogue with natural language automation and computational linguistics

Modern Ritual (Chapel Hill, NC) – Modern Ritual (MR) makes it easy to screen your spots for skin cancer from home. Founded by leading skin cancer surgeon Dr. Goldstein, Modern Ritual is the easiest way for you to know the health of your skin spots.

Ophthalytics (Atlanta, GA) – Ophthalytics is a revolutionary AI-based diagnostic platform for eye diseases. The platform has multiple service offerings that autonomously detect highly complex eye-related diseases, including the vision-threatening disease called Diabetic Retinopathy leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Ottalaus Health (Atlanta, GA) – Ottalaus provides a custom RPM experience supported by white-labeled, wireless vital sign monitoring and connectivity solutions. With health tracking you trust, Ottalaus is here to provide for your enterprise’s unique needs.

Presage Security (Reston, VA) – Operator of a risk mitigation firm intended to apply machine learning and advanced mathematical processing to the analysis of video imagery. Presage Security’s service combines artificial intelligence, investigative experience, analytical knowledge, cyber and technical skills of experts, and a network of influential government and intelligence contacts, helping clients mitigate risk and generate new business opportunities.

Prohuman (Concord, NC) – Prohuman Technologies is developing a wearable medical device that automates CRYO (36 F) and THERMO (116 F) therapies along with two types of COMPRESSION (passive and active) to provide improved recovery, and pain management. When combined, these technologies will be contributing towards a paradigm shift from a curative and reactive medicine, to a more preventive, proactive and personalized medicine.

Protect3D (Durham, NC) – Leveraging 3D technology to bring custom protective devices to athletes and competitors everywhere.

Strolll (London, GB) – Strolll develops Digital Therapeutics software for Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that empower movement therapy for people with neurological disorders.

Virtualis (Perols, Herault) – Virtualis has been the worldwide leader in virtual reality solutions for assessment and rehabilitation of balance and mobility disorders since 2015. Virtual reality enables Physical and Occupational therapists to do fast and precise assessments to optimize patient care with various pathologies.

ZIBRIO (Houston, TX) – ZIBRIO is commercializing space technology to save the world from falling down. Falling is the #1 reason for trauma death, resulting in $50B in medical costs every year—and projected to double in 10 years. The ZIBRIO Stability scale is a quick, easy way to measure weight, balance and fall risk by simply standing.


VACMOBILE (Atlanta metro) – VACMOBILE is a developer of globally scalable solutions to securely manage digital immunization and test records. Vacmobile is digitally enabling employers and other organizations to adhere to regulatory requirements keep their employees and their customers safe. The app, a free download, is available in the App Store or Google Play. In the US alone, more than 114 million people annually are required to provide proof of vaccination for their work or education.

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