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What is Vacmobile™?

With our full suite of solutions, Vacmobile is making it possible to obtain, store, and transmit certified vaccination and health status records digitally in real-time from your smartphone. We are also making it possible for instant verification and proof that an individual is up to date on their legally required vaccinations and all pandemic-related health status records.

Vacmobile Digital Vault Flowchart

How does Vacmobile get your vaccination records?

With your permission, we query the State registries where you or your minor children have received vaccinations. The States are responsible for certifying that information is correct. The States will send back a digital certified copy of your records to your secure vault.


How does Vacmobile get your pandemic health status records?

Vacmobile can query labs on your behalf where you have had pandemic health status tests. The labs are responsible for certifying that information is correct. The labs will send back a digital certified copy of your records to your secure vault.


Will Vacmobile ensure my vaccination records and account profile will be confidential?

Yes, Vacmobile will offer end-to-end encryption to guarantee the privacy of all your information including your vaccination and pandemic health status records. Every time you log into your Vacmobile account it will require dual-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security for every interaction between the subscriber and their vault.


Can Vacmobile send those records without my permission?

Absolutely not. Your vaccination records are protected health information (PHI) and Vacmobile must receive your permission each and every time a record is sent to a third party requestor on your behalf.


Do I have to make a request for my vault to be updated every time I visit the doctor and have an immunization?

No. As new vaccinations get added to the State registry, those updates will also be added to your secure vault and you will receive notifications whenever a new vaccination record has been received in your vault.


Why should I pay for Vacmobile when I can get this information for free from State registries?

Currently, State registries often have very different protocols for individuals to request a copy of their vaccination records. Some immunization registries do not allow citizens to send a query. In these locations, only providers are allowed to query that registry. The registries are not connected so if you have lived in more than one State you must contact more than one registry and follow their instructions. None of these processes are real time and unlike Vacmobile, you must make a separate request any time you wish to get a new copy of your records. None of those registries offers you the option to have the records sent to a third party requestor and none of those registries offers you the option to have a QR code generated from your mobile phone that will provide you a digital certificate of your immunization and pandemic health status for instant verification.


What is the difference between the record I print out and the Healthy QR Code?

The Healthy QR Code eliminates the need for a printed version that you must carry with you. Otherwise, the information is identical. Much like a mobile boarding pass for an airline flight, the QR code on your phone would be readable by 3rd parties for instant validation of your pandemic health status as well as all the other required vaccines.


If I am on Medicaid, do I have to pay the subscription fee?

Vacmobile is currently negotiating with the Federal Government to request that your Vacmobile subscription be a covered Medicaid expense.