Tina Weede

Tina Gunn Weede, Advisor


The research and experience at Peerless Performance, a woman owned, WBENC certified Performance Improvement, Culture Engineering, and Incentive Agency, is focused on the workplace of the future, its generational mix, the interdependencies of its knowledge base and how employee and customer emotions drive not only the corporate culture but increase productivity, profitability, and community. Tina Weede is President and CEO of Peerless Performance and has a proven track record of over 30 years delivering award winning and successful solutions that drive positive results. Her vision has produced many innovative new services, which have had a lasting positive effect on the performance improvement business.

Tina’s background is in advertising, where she began her career at J. Walter Thompson. In 1990, she moved to the communications department at USMotivation. She later served as Divisional Vice President of Major Accounts, where she was instrumental in helping clients align incentives with their business objectives. In 2010, Tina was promoted to President of USMotivation. In 2017 she launched Peerless Performance, Headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Tina’s unique approach helps the Peerless Performance design team construct highly targeted strategies needed to address specific challenges and opportunities, from culture engineering and leadership coaching, to communication, learning, brand and product innovation, rewards, recognition, incentive travel, meetings, and events.

“Incentive Travel is the single most popular non-cash reward and can increase sales productivity by as much as 20 percent. By embracing this knowledge and maximizing the effects of incentive travel programs, we seamlessly provide clients with the most incredible and memorable experience possible. For more than 50 years, our team of experts has been creating custom programs that have taken participants to places they’ve only imagined and through experiences that could not be replicated.” Tina Weede

Next Generation Incentives are no longer only for sales. “We understand today that offering incentive rewards and recognition solutions as part of a properly designed program supports the brand, culture, and objectives of our clients. Our programs are designed to establish a culture of recognition and performance that inspire positive results. “We have developed customized programs to accommodate hundreds of thousands of participants, for internal sales and dealer/channel incentives, engagement, recognition, safety, and wellness programs.” Tina Weede

Tina served for seven years as the Vice President of Research and Content and sat on the Board of Trustees for The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (Site) Foundation from 2014-2020. Tina is also a Past President for Recognition Professionals International (RPI) and was an active Vistage Member from 2013-2020. Tina holds the following Certifications: CRP – Certified Recognition Professional; CIS – Certified Incentive Specialist; and CITP – Certified Incentive Travel Professional.