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Lalit Dhingra

Lalit Dhingra

Lalit Kumar Dhingra is the Founder & CEO of EnSignis Digital, an end-to-end Digital Transformation company that provides services and solutions in as-a-service mode.

Lalit has spent 40 years in technology industry and held Technology Leadership, Product Leadership and Executive-level positions. He drove achievements in Software Product Development, Operations, Sales, and Corporate growth. He is a key tactical innovator renowned for transforming vision into reality while reducing costs. His business outlook and expert commentary on executable strategies and transformational models in technology services outsourcing has been quoted in leading publications, such as CIO magazine, Fortune, Silicon Valley, and the Wall Street Journal.

Prior to starting his own venture, Lalit was President, US Operations for NIIT Technologies, where he became a catalyst in the advancement of NIIT Technologies. In this role he grew NIIT Technologies business from inception to 225Mn with high margin. Lalit restructured the company for growth to align the business with the vertical markets to improve organization focus. He has proven repeatedly his talent for solving complex problems through careful analysis and sound judgment. Lalit earned tremendous respect and gratitude of peers, subordinates and customers.

Before moving to NIIT in 1990, Lalit was a key member of a team that built the first indigenous digital telecom switch for India. This team revolutionize the telecom industry in India from 1985. He was the Product owner for a major part of the switching system that included hardware and software.

In last 20+ years in US, Lalit guided 3 product development companies to become successful. He played the role of Chief Product Executive. All the software products were built as web and mobile applications and were built using emerging technologies like Blockchain, Microservices and AWS. He is also Chief Product Owner of a software product that is set to be released in the global market by last quarter of 2020.

As for recognition, Lalit represented India at the United Nations ICT Summit in 2009. In 2011, he got the prestigious Stevie Honoree award for “Outstanding Leadership” in Abu Dhabi. Lalit was honored with multiple awards while in NIIT for 28 years. Lalit is also an Advisory board member for Scheller Business School, Georgia Tech., Atlanta and he is also a mentor for some of the startups in Atlanta.

Lalit has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering/Computing from the prominent Indian Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from the University of Delhi.