Jennifer Sparks

Jennifer Sparks, CEO & Founder


Jennifer Sparks is an established and recognized writer, producer, and director. She has been successful as a marketing and communications professional with agency, corporate, governmental and non-profit organizations.  Sparks graduated Cum Laude from the University of Chicago with a degree in European History. In 1992, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Paris, France. She earned her master’s degree from Northwestern University.

Sparks began her professional career working at Young and Rubicam advertising agency in Chicago one of the top global firms as an Account Executive. She distinguished herself as a creative marketing expert and was selected to work on major Fortune 500 accounts.

Sparks later served as New Mexico Governor Richardson’s Public Information Officer for the 89 school districts managed by the New Mexico Public Education Department from 2004-2006.

Sparks joined the University of New Mexico Health Science Center’s Marketing & Communications Team and led the first branding and awareness integrated marketing campaign as Director of Marketing.

From 2012 to the 2017 Sparks continued her career as a public relations and marketing consultant and legislative advocate doing work for Habitat for Humanity International, the Pew Center for the States, Save the Children and the USDA.

In 2016, Sparks spent the year researching and writing “New Mexico Political History 1967 to 2015,” an autobiographical expose with Jamie Koch, the former Chairman of the UNM Board of Regents, Democratic state party chair and environmental champion.

From 2018-2019 Sparks served as Director of Marketing for a Georgia based healthcare IT company, Clearwave Corporation. In that capacity she oversaw marketing, communications and branding across all platforms including earned, paid and social media and aided in positioning the firm for a major infusion of growth equity capital.

During her tenure at Clearwave she became passionate about the possibilities offered by mobile technology, particularly in the field of health care.

 As a parent of three children and stepmother to another son, the management of vaccination records had always been a source of aggravation to her. She quickly realized requiring parents to take a piece of paper to a school, spending hours in a Department of Health office waiting for out of State records to be integrated into the state database and discovering that state registries do not talk to each other, was an antiquated inefficient system that had to change.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Sparks was determined to bring these records into the 21st century.  She formed Vacmobile™, a Delaware Corporation, and filed for a patent for her innovative suite of vaccination records solutions. Vacmobile obtains digital vaccination records from state registries and enables individuals to digitally transmit those records or have a Healthy QR Code generated from the app for on-demand proof of vaccinations or pandemic health status records. Best of all, Vacmobile uses the most common method of web transmissions, smart phones.

Sparks foresaw the “new normal” and recognized new technology was needed to protect parents, school administrators, our communities and our businesses from unnecessary and life-threatening exposure. She also saw an opportunity to provide individuals and families with tools to better monitor their own vaccinations to improve public adherence to the CDC recommendations. Sparks knows Vacmobile is a long overdue twenty-first century solution to safely secure, store and transmit our vaccination records and pandemic health status records.

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