What does Vacmobile Corporation do?

Vacmobile™ is a developer of globally scalable solutions to securely manage digital immunization and other medical records.
Vacmobile's products and services improve safety, compliance and emergency preparedness.

Welcome to Vacmobile™

Based in the Atlanta metro area, Vacmobile is delivering end-to-end digital solutions for managing immunization and other health status records.

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A Comprehensive Yet Simple Health Record Solution

Operating at the center of government, industry, and technology, Vacmobile makes it possible to obtain, store and transmit certified digital vaccination records and medical test results from any smart device.

Vacmobile is Digitally Transforming Medical Records Management

In addition to storing vaccination and test history, individuals and organizations also can manage other medical records.

Vacmobile™ Assists Enterprises with Managing Safety and Compliance

The secure, HIPAA compliant, SaaS-based platform enables organizations to streamline the collection of vaccination and other medical records.

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Currently in Partnership with Disaster Response and Public Health Experts

Vacmobile is developing long-awaited cloud-based solutions for safety, compliance, and emergency preparedness.

Finally, digital tools that allow you and your loved ones easy access for managing and sharing critical medical information anytime, anywhere.

Vacmobile integrated in North America:
Clinical and government entities in the United States and worldwide issuing SMART Health Cards

Includes all 50 States, US Territories, Canada and other additional locations worldwide


The new native iOS and Android versions of the app include:

  • Upgraded consents, consistent with new increased regulatory requirements around privacy and biometric scanning permissions
  • Ability to track boosters, religious and medical exemptions
  • Proper attestation language to officially report that an individual has lost their CDC card
  • Ability to track COVID test results
  • Enhanced Vaccination Authenticated Self Reporting (VASR™) scoring algorithm to improve our ability to detect fake cards
  • Dynamically generated QR code health pass for employee or visitor access
  • Vacmobile Scanner app for scanning the Vacmobile QR code
  • Backend Admin platform for program administration (overrides, health pass rules engine configuration)
  • Comprehensive dashboard reporting with multiple filters
  • Vacmobile generic API for integration into a 3rd party platform including HR software or physical access software
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Based in the Atlanta metro area, Vacmobile is delivering an end-to-end digital solution for managing immunization and other health status records. Operating at the center of government, industry and technology, Vacmobile makes it possible to obtain, store and transmit certified digital vaccination records and COVID-19 test results all from a smartphone. Through its free mobile app, individuals can manage their vaccination history and share records with third parties for physical access to educational, healthcare and corporate campuses, and for travel. The secure, SaaS-based platform also enables enterprises to maintain compliance with public health regulations and allows employees, customers, healthcare professionals, students and teachers to safely return to work and school. Vacmobile helps businesses maintain compliance and mitigate risk, and keep people on their campus safe – whether they are employees, students, attendees or customers.

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Vacmobile™ Digital Vaccination Records Solution

App, Standard API, Dashboard Reporting

Vacmobile® - Simple. Secure. Scalable.
Vacmobile is a Certified WBENC Company

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