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Vacmobile gives enterprises and individuals peace of mind by verifying health credentials for safe in-person interactions.

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We offer a full suite of vaccination records solutions for individuals and third party requestors. We partner with State vaccination registries to safely receive, store and transmit digital vaccination records in a HIPAA compliant manner. Vacmobile™ will allow individuals and institutions to safely and efficiently manage accredited vaccination and pandemic health status records without any person-to-person contact. Our goal is that these digital Vacmobile records will be accepted as valid proof of an individual’s health status as mandated by governmental authorities.


Our mobile app subscribers have the ability to obtain HIPAA protected digital copies of their vaccination records and pandemic health status records and safely store those digital records in their own HIPAA protected digital vault as well as safely send those records to third party requestors.


For institutions requiring vaccination records for enrollment of students or employment of their employees, we offer enterprise back-end software and integration consultants to assist organizations with the seamless integration of the back-end software necessary to safely receive and store digital vaccination records in a HIPAA compliant manner.


Additionally, our app can generate a Healthy QR Code on the subscriber’s mobile phone, which can be scanned by third parties for on-demand verification that the subscriber’s vaccinations are up-to-date and show their pandemic health status records.

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